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I just realize that today’s Scripture for our 21 Days of Prayer happen to be the same one I’m teaching on today.  I don’t think this was planned.  In John 14:16-17, God promised to send the disciples another parakletos.  The Spirit would be to the disciples all Jesus had been to them: a teacher, comforter, helper, advocate, encourager, rebuker, convicter, etc.  Jesus came to stay temporarily.  The Spirit would dwell within them forever.  Jesus was limited to one location.  The Spirit would dwell in multiple people at the same time and not be limited to location.  This same Holy Spirit guides us, discloses God’s truth to us, and glorifies God through our lives.  It is the Spirit that shows us the height, depth, and breadth of God.  It is the same Spirit that convicts the world of sin, even though they don’t know Him.  When a person somehow realizes that they are guilty of disobeying God and responds by placing their faith in Jesus Christ, it is the Holy Spirit who is at work.  He convicts and draws.  While God may appear to be silent and absent to us, the Holy Spirit is always at work


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