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90_03_36-christmas-decorations_web.jpgHere are a few things to remember this Holiday season.

1. It is better to give than to receive. Giving and exchanging are two different things.

2. The first six letters of Christmas spells Christ, not department store.

3. Giving gifts should be out of love, not to impress others.

4. Don’t feel pressured to spend what you don’t have. For those who want more, Satan Claus is always an option. Unfortunately, he doesn’t exist.

4. Think long-term. The fifty pounds you gain from a few hours of eating, can take years to get rid of. Trust me. One plate is enough.

5. Get some rest and have some fun.

6. Spend some time in God’s presence. Allow Him to refresh your soul. Plus, your friend who always spends time with God says He’s been asking about you (just kidding).

7. Don’t play this rendition of “O Holy Night“…at least not in public.


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