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It’s a Wrap

shepherd-1.jpgWe ended 2007 with a bang at The Bridge. A lot of new things occurred this past Sunday:

1. Daryl did a great job with the welcome. It was his first time doing it. He is one of the most faithful and committed persons I know. He came that morning with the welcomed written up and rehearsed!

2. Jackson stepped in and did announcements. Thanks for holding down the fort, bro! This was his first time doing the announcements, as well.

3. Alex, our worship director, was sick last week and lost his voice in the process. Tre, one of the members of the praise team, stepped in and led worship. He handled it like a pro. God used him in a great way.

3. I did The King That Tried to Steal Christmas message in a home made shepherd costume. (Walking stick courtesy of the outdoors.) Yep! The old bearded dude in the picture is me! Some people didn’t even recognize me. People were saying, “Who’s that guy on stage?” Then they realized it was me! This was the first time I did anything like it at The Bridge. I was nervous to be honest, but God came through. You should have seen the looks on the face of movie goers as I stood in the hallway dressed like Moses! Trust me. I’m already dreaming of what next Christmas is going to look like next year. I’m pumped.

4. My sister did a dance to Come Oh Redeemer Come by Fernando Ortega. This was her first time doing a dance solo at The Bridge. She tore it up, as usual. She too was dressed like an ancient Israelite.

Well, I’m off to celebrate the New Year. See you next next year!


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I’m looking forward to the New Year. Can you believe 2008 is already approaching us? I’m still getting adjusted to 2007. I’m going to spend some time over the next few weeks continuing to forecast for the upcoming year. I have a few ideas, but I’m waiting to see what’s on God’s hard drive before moving forward. There are several new condo buildings that are opening in downtown Silver Spring next year. There are about 1,325 new apartments and condos under construction. The question is how do we reach them before they get here?

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