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Well, not really. Just discovered via Cold Leftovers that their are two Hobbit films in the works: The Hobbit and a sequel.


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bruce_willis_and_justin_long_plot_their_next_move_in_live_free_or_die_hard.jpgLast night, I had another opportunity on falling asleep on the movie Live Free or Die Hard starring Bruce Willis.  The first time was on the comfy seats of AMC theater.  The second time was the comfy couch of our living room.  What makes this so remarkable is that both times I woke up around the same time of the movie.  Yeah, I paid AMC to catch up on some needed rest.  Not this time, Blockbuster!  I’m giving it another shot.  Sorry, Bruce.  Trust me.  I never fell asleep on Moonlighting…on purpose.

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