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This past Sunday, we began our series  Love Birds: 15 Pitfalls of Marriage at The Bridge.  The question I began pondering is “Why do so many married couples become ensnared by marital pitfalls?”  Here are a few:

1.  Exception Mentality – We all here the statistics.  We are aware of people who pay consequences for their bad decisions.  Yet, for some reason, we believe that we are the exception to the rule.  We think we can make the same decisions and achieve different results.

2.  Blind-sided – After falling into a trap, we often say that we never thought it would happen to us.  Because of this, we fail to properly guard ourselves from the possibilities.

3.  Passivity – One of the challenges in marriages is failing to do something about crucial issues.  We often believe that a problem will fix itself.  It takes courage to make steps towards a solution.

4.  Spiritual Warfare – We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness in high places.  The worst thing a couple can do is turn against each other during times of difficulty .  For almost every problem, the enemy is somewhere in the backdrop.  Couples are more victorious when they stop attacking each other and start attacking the problem. Satan is your enemy, not your spouse.  Love Birds: 15 Pitfalls of Marriage continues this Sunday at The Bridge.

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I just came from a local grocery store and realized its already in full force.  The roses, teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolates, prepackaged body products, and tons of other items to woo your significant other on Valentine’s Day are available for purchase.  Despite of the high divorce rates and frustrations that come with romance, we are still in love with being in love.  The man who has been divorced three times is still looking for another wife.  The woman who went through a terrible break up with her ex-boyfriend is still praying for a husband.  Romantic relationships are one of the few things in life in which we make a life changing decisions based on pure emotion.  For many couples, Valentine’s Day will be a defining moment in their relationship.  For others, it will simply be a set up for a marital pitfall.  Love Birds: 15 Pitfalls of Marriage begins this Sunday, February 12th at The Bridge.

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Believe it or not, this is a true story! I know two couples that were married on the same day.  As a matter of fact, I was invited to both weddings.  Unfortunately, since they were in two different states, I could only attend one of the weddings.  I enjoyed my friendship with both couples and was excited to see how God brought both of them together.  Both couples seemed to love God, were great people, and desired to use their lives to impact others.  However, things began to unravel in the life of one couple.  What I thought was just a minor, temporary problem began to mushroom and accelerate.  One couple went on to have a successful marriage and is still together.  The other couple’s marriage was over within a year.  It’s almost impossible to detect a marital pitfall.  Yet, knowing what they are before hand can help us better prepare for when we encounter them.  Love Birds: 15 Pitfalls of Marriage begins this Sunday, February 12th at The Bridge.

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Our worship Director, Alex Williams, introduced me to the game Angry Birds last year.  I can’t think of a better way to describe many couples after they become married.  Two people that start out as love birds become angry birds.  The relationship becomes filled with anger, hate, fights, arguments, frustration, jealousy, blame, resentment, and everything else in between.  The trouble often begins when a couple lands into a pitfall and never seem to climb out.  A pitfall is just what it is.  It’s a hidden trip that often goes unnoticed, especially during the earlier part of the relationship.  We’ll be discussing some of these pitfalls at The Bridge during our message series Love Birds: 15 Pitfalls of Marriage.  Love Birds begin this Sunday, February 12th.

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