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Balanced Diet

When I was growing up, it was often said that we needed to eat a balanced diet.  Presently, as the chief chef at The Bridge, I try to create a balanced diet on Sundays.  Within the scope of a year, I try to do at least one of each series: practical/life series, doctrinal series, and a book of the Bible series. Within those three big categories are subcategories: attraction series (geared towards inviting outsiders), growth series (geared towards taking us deeper in our faith), and balance series (tackling an area that we did not address during that year that needs to covered).  This not only challenges me, but prevents the teaching from leaning towards my own personal preferences and biases.  Someone once asked me what is the main teaching emphasis at the church: evangelism? spiritual growth? relationships?  I tried explaining this concept, but the person didn’t quite grasp it.  Some people like to serve mostly meaty doctrine.  Some like to serve mostly practical milk.  Others like the grain extracted through verse by verse teaching.  I like to mix it up.  I’m from the Caribbean, so herbs and spices are huge for me when cooking.  That’s where the creativity and marketing come in for us.  We take basic food, but add tons of spices and seasonings to make things a bit more interesting.

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