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Good Ole Fertilizer

Some times are efforts seem to bear little or no fruit. There are programs, relationships, and projects in our lives that seem to be more of a liability than an asset. We say to ourselves, “Why bother?” In Luke 13, Jesus told the parable of a man that had an olive tree in his vineyard. One day he came looking for fruit and didn’t find any. He said to vinedresser, “This tree has been here for three years and have bore no fruit. Just chop it down. What’s the use?” The vinedresser said, “Not so quickly. I’ll dig around it, add fertilizer, and see what happens. If it still doesn’t bear fruit, then chop it down.” Sometimes we give up too soon. We chop down trees before adding fertilizer and giving it chance. With our microwave propensity for quick results, we’ve forgotten that some things take time. We’ve forgotten that things don’t happen over night, but over time. If God doesn’t move quickly enough, we throw in the towel and move on to the next thing. Think on the person, business venture, church, or program you walked out on because you didn’t see the fruit that you anticipated. Then someone else came along, saw the opportunity, made the investment, and reaped the benefits. We could have experienced the same fruitfulness if we replaced giving up with some fertilizer. Before we grab the ax, reach for the fertilizer. We just may be glad we waited.

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