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Waste of Money


Churches will always be criticized for the way they use financial resources.  This is especially true when it comes to products and projects that are costly, such as buildings and technological equipment.  Most of us have a standard as to what we consider to be reasonable spending.  Anything beyond that is considered a waste of money.  It’s natural that people will see churches spend thousands or even millions of dollars and say, “What a waste! All that money could have gone to feed the poor!”  As I was doing my New Thru 30 reading for today, I was reminded that Jesus’ disciples uttered those same words in Matthew 26:8-9.  A woman anointed Jesus body with very costly perfume.  His disciples thought that it was a complete waste of money.  Yet, Jesus taught them that it was not waste, but worship.  There are some things in ministry that will be costly, but if it’s going to help reach more people for Christ, make disciples, and help transform our communities, we can’t apologize for it.  I truly wish rental space was 50 cents an hour.  I wish that we could hire full-time staff for $500 a year.  I wish we could find five computers and two HD video cameras for a package deal of $50.  Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in.  As God provides the resources to accomplish your mission, use them wisely but unapologetically.


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New Thru 30

Starting today, The Bride is reading through the New Testament in 30 days.  This campaign/message series will be called New Thru 30.  The idea of New Thru 30 came from Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC, who did at the beginning of 2010.  I’m look forward to what God is going to do and say to us as we dive into HIs word.  We used the song “Bible Break” by Stephen Wiley in our Sunday promo adds.  Interesting enough, Bible Break is from the first commercially released and distributed Christian rap album.  It’s reminder that the foundation of spiritual growth is the “old-school” disciplines of prayer and time in God’s Word.

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