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Best Friend

In Proverbs 7:4, the sage challenges a young man to make wisdom his companion; almost like his best friend. There are people that we view as nuisances: pestering salespersons, telemarketers, individuals with consistant annoying habits, pushy people with hidden agendas, just to name a few.  We may ignore their phone calls, delete their e-mails, and avoid them at all cost. Yet, there are people whose friendship we cherish and embrace wholeheartedly.  Too often, we treat wisdom like a nuisance.  We ignore her when she speaks, roll our eyes when she warns us, and mentally block her insights when they clash with our agendas.  Treating wisdom like a nuisance places us at risk of ignoring the very truths that may very well save our lives.  When we embrace wisdom as a friend, God increases our discernment and resistance towards folly.  For one who desires to walk in wisdom must first value and befriend her.

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