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My wife and I spent the day checking out at Elevation Church in North Carolina.  I appreciate The Bridge staff for holding things down when I’m gone.  It’s a blessing to be away and not have my phone ring at any time.  It couldn’t happen without a team of wonderful, committed individuals.  Thank you, guys!


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I just pulled a quote from Holly Furtick’s blog.  “Remember that life, no matter what your profession, is difficult, messy and stressful.  Don’t blame it on the ministry.” So often we give full-time ministry a bad rep for being difficult and hard.  Great news.  It is.  Nothing of significance come to fruition without challenges. If you’re struggling as a leader, welcome to the club.  As a pastor or church planter, the grass can sometimes look greener on the other side.  If you took on another profession, the challenges of dealing with difficult people, message prep, and strategizing will be replaced with the challenges of a long commute, micromanaging boss, and unpaid overtime.  Count your blessings. This takes me to another one of her quotes. “Focus on what you get to be a part of, a great move of God across our city.  And we get a front row seat!” Great stuff!

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My wife and I headed down to Glen Allen, VA for our annual assessment with our church planting network.  During our session, I was reminded of something that one of my seminary professors, Dr. Bill Lawrence, shared with me.  He said, “Take time out to dream.”  As leaders, we need to intentionally carve out time in our schedules for envisioning the future and dreaming God-size dreams. It is so easy to get bogged down in the daily routine of ministry work.  Before you know it, our passion gets quenched in a routine.  The routine that was birthed out of a God-sized dream ends up killing our future dreams.  Just like we have devotion time, we need think time.  Think of how much more of an impact the church would have if we just took a few minutes each day to dream of what could be.

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