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O.K, folks. Here it is: the application that got tossed aside for an invitation to follow Christ. It’s been about two Sundays and I still have no regrets. Anyway, it’s key to make deposits into your marriage. A marriage is like a refrigerator. Whatever you put in is what you’ll find. We can’t expect to reap when we haven’t sown. My wife and I are working on making several commitments:

1. Daily Commitment/Deposit – What will you and your wife do daily to invest in your marriage? My wife and I pray together daily.

2. Weekly Commitment/Deposit – What will you do once a week in addition to your daily deposits? – From the beginning of our marriage, we made a commitment to have a date night once a week. We recently began holding a weekly bible study and a marital enrichment evening every week. By the way, the bible study and marital enrichment are on two seperate nights. Some couples wait a whole year to go to a marriage conference or seminar. We decided to pop in some DVD’s and have one every week.

3. Monthly Commitment/Deposits – What can you do once a month to pour into your marriage? We’re still working on this one. 🙂 We’ve been talking and praying about spending more time with other couples. Maybe that can be our monthly commitment. I’ll swing by her and let you guys know :-).

4. Quarterly Commitment/Deposit – We try to have a getaway at least once every season (Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring). My new slogan: Romantic getaways are spiritual.

5. Yearly Commitment/Deposit – What will be that big yearly investment? For us, we take a vacation every year. We’re also planning to attend a marriage conference this year.


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Yesterday, I closed out our Extreme Makeover: Love Edition series with the message, “Built to Last.” I encouraged married couples to make sure that their marriage is built to last. I was intending to gave an application on how we can invest in our marriage. By the time, I got to the end and began speaking of how marriage is a picture of Jesus’ relationship with the church, the application went out the window. The closing ended up being God making a proposal to unbelievers to be their bride. The result? Three people ended up saying, “yes” to Jesus’ proposal for salvation. Can we argue with that? I’ll give the application later. As for now, I’m getting ready to celebrate my wife’s 4.0 for her first semester in seminary. Go, Daf!

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