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This weekend I meditated on Psalm 62. Ever so often we have to pour our hearts out to God and allow him to renew us. The psalmist talks about God being our fortress and stronghold. I realized how I allowed ministry to become my refuge in areas of my life. I became so consumed with my vision that I don’t realize how much I began to trust in it. God calls us to trust Him, but we must be willing to pour our our hearts before Him and let Him be our strength.


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What a Week!

This was a great week for me.  Things kicked off with my 36th birthday on Sunday, May 17th!  I know.  The big three six!  I still feel 35, though.  My wife took me on an overnight trip that evening.  We had a ball!  After that, we headed to Lynchburg, VA for the Innovate Church conference.  Major kudos to SBCV, our church planting network, for providing this opportunity for its planters.  The conference was great.  It’s great to be able to pull away and be ministered to.  We spend so much time pouring out.  It’s wonderful to have others pour into you.

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STORY Conference

StoryMy buddy, Ben Arment, has announced his new venture, the STORY Conference.  Ben launched and hosted the Whiteboard Sessions in Northern Virginia last year.  STORY is going to be awesome.  I appreciate Ben’s attempt to “re-create” the conference experience.  I think Christian conferences need a face lift and it looks like Ben is leading the way.  STORY will take place on October 28th, with additional seminars on the 29th.  You can check out the STORY website for more info.

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Joy of Planting

As a church planter, you get an opportunity to see God moving in the lives of individuals. This Sunday, we witnessed a skit performed by two people who have witnessed God’s power in their lives. It was such a blessing to see them. These moments remind you what ministry is all about. Check out.

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I’m enjoying our Extreme Makeover: Love Edition series. I’ve enjoyed it so much, that I went into overtime the past two Sundays. Much thanks to The Bridge men that pitch in to make sure we are out of the theater on time. I spoke about dating on Sunday. Singles should date for the purpose of evaluation. Married people should date their spouse for the purpose of enhancing their marriage. The big take away was for the singles though: Be patient. Don’t rush the process.

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Andre Sherin gave a devotional talk at our local church planting network yesterday.  He gave an amazing quote from Daniel Floyd.  Keep in mind, this is a second generation quote.  Sorry if it get’s a bit butchered, Daniel :-).  He said their church began seeing more results from their follow-up when he stopped doing it and allowed it to be done by other members of their team.  First time guests were able to see that the church was not about him. There’s something about when people are hearing  different voices.  It’s no longer a one person show. People sense that others have bought into the vison and own it.  They get a sense that something really special is happening.

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