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So What if It Flops?

488a1464-0011e-0342d-400cb8e1One of the reasons we may not take risks is because we are afraid of failing. Here’s something I learned. When you experiment, there will be times that you fail. That’s the beauty of it! Every “flop” becomes an opportunity to learn. According to Wallet Pop, here is the 25 biggest product flops of all time.

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Impact 2008

facebook-logoAt the end of the month, I’ll be speaking at Impact 2008.  Every other year, the Impact Movement hosts a conference that draws thousands of college students.  Kirk Franklin and Lecrae is on schedule to do two concerts.  My friends, Keith Battle and Eric Mason, are also speaking.  This year, I’ll have the opportunity to close out the conference on New Years Eve.  What an honor.  It’s going to be a blast!

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