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Halloween Reflection

Halloween was always a landmark growing up.  First of all, it was the day after my sister’s birthday.  I always remembered that her birthday was right before Halloween.  Like many kids in St. Thomas, I had several Halloween goals:

1)  Get as much candy as possible via trick-or-treating (Up until age 8).

2)  Not to be caught dead trick-or-treating (Age 9 and up. Trick-or-treating were for “kids”.)

3)  Wear a rocking superhero costume (Up until age 8).

4) Not be caught dead in a Halloween costume of any kind (Age 9 and up. Costumes were for “kids.”)

5) Avoid getting hit with an inedible island fruit called “gobbie.”  As I was walking home from school one Halloween, gobbie pieces started falling from a high rise windows and landing on my shirt.  I ran for my life.

4) Avoid getting hit with a rotten egg.  Some kids would bury eggs in the ground weeks in advance.  I never got hit with one, but I did witness my school bus getting pounded.

5) Avoid getting hit with water balloons.  I had a close call in 11th grade.  During English class, a water balloon came flying out of nowhere.  It almost landed in my vacinity.  

6) Stay away from Halloween wars.  Every Halloween night, some of the guys in our neighborhood would gather for water balloon fights.  It was a yearly ritual, even up until my senior year.  To be honest, the thought of throwing and getting hit with a water balloon was quite amusing.  It wasn’t the water balloons that kept me away.  Some of the guys would sneak rotten eggs and gobbies into the battle as an element of surprise.  Yet, it wasn’t considered cheating because there were no rules.  Anything could come flying out of someone’s hand.  That, my friend, was my major concern.  Not to mention, getting blasted with eggs and gobbie was never part of my life mission.  My brother was a regular.  I chose to stay home.


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Finishing Well

Throughout 1 Kings, the Bible keeps mentioning that David did what was right in the eyes of the Lord and did not turn away from His commandments.  As I read this, one thing kept popping up in my mind.  “What about Bethsheba?”  My question was answered as I got to chapter 15.  God continued to establish David’s throne because David was faithful to God.  Then it says, “except the matter of Uriah the Hittite.”  This is in the same context where God spoke of establishing David’s throne and legacy.  When God forgives us of our sins, He no longer holds them against us.  Unlike many of the other kings, David repented and continued walking with God.  The difference between us being established and falling by the wayside is found in our faithfulness.  David didn’t use moral failure as an excuse to stop serving God and continue in sin.  Even when he faced the consequences for his sins, he looked inwardly instead of blaming God.  By repenting and being determined to finish well, His Master found pleasure in him.

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Locked In

I’m preparing to speak at a youth lock-in on Friday.  I’ve spoken at youth events before, but I think this is my first lock-in.  Sounds like a great place to be on Halloween!

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The Bridge was mentioned in a Washington Post article.  A reporter interviewed Dafnette during the Theater Church conference. It’s always exciting to see God open up doors!

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We had a great time at The Bridge today. Throughout this election, I’ve vowed not to bring up politics from the platform. I was doing good until today. As I was speaking, I began one of my sentences by saying, “My friends…” It was so funny, I had to pause and giggle for a moment. I couldn’t even finish my sentence. The congregation caught on and we all shared a moment of laughter. It was so wild. The names of the presidential candidates never came up, but everyone was in on the humor; sort of like a national inside joke. My wife said, “It shows that people have been following the elections, which is a good thing.” It must have been the Saturday Night Live skits we watched before going to bed. Be careful what you watch before going to bed, my friends. 🙂

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The presidential race continues to heat up.  I saw these pictures on Steve’s (one of my high school friends) Facebook page.  I’ve seen thousands of Obama t-shirt designs, but I’ve gotta admit.  I was not ready for this.  This one blew me away!

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Risky Business

I had an opportunity to listen in on a teleseminar earlier today featuring Eric Bryant and Erwin McManus. Great stuff.  During the conference call, one person asked a good question.  He asked, “Can you ever risk too much?” I knew exactly what he meant.  Can one push risk taking too far?  How do you know when you’ve gone past the limit in risk taking?  Erwin gave a great answer.  Most of the time, being too risky is not the issue.  Most people don’t take risks at all.  We often say, “I don’t want to take things too far,” when in reality we haven’t taken a step of faith at all.  In fear of not wanting to be “too risky,” take things “too far,” or be “too extreme,” we end up not taking a risk of any kind.  We come to the conclusion that playing it safe is the best way to go.  We kill the adventure before it even begins.  Before the idea even has a chance to fully develop, someone shoots it down.  No, that’s too risky.  That’s too costly.  That won’t work.  Some times the one that kills our ideas are us.  Erwin said, the mistake that we often make is taking the wrong risks.  When we take the wrong risk, we can be crippled to not take any risk at all.  We gave our heart to the wrong type of person.  Now, trusting someone is too risky.  We hastily invested tons of money in a bad venture.  Now, we won’t invest in anything at all.  Give this some thought.  Can we really afford not to take a risk?

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