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Muddy Water

I can’t wait until Sunday to deliver the message God is giving to me.  We are in a series called H20. A good portion of the message has to do with muddy vs. clean water. Naaman was a leper.  The prophet Elisha told him if he wanted to be clean, he would have to wash him self in the muddy waters of the Jordan River.  What an oxymoron!  Go get clean in dirty water?  Naaman responded, “What about the rivers in Damascus?  Aren’t those much cleaner?”  It would make sense that if God wanted to clean us, he wouldn’t dear take us to muddy places.  Successful people need to be in successful circles, right?  Thriving churches need to be in thriving communities, right?  In order to have a great career, you must get a job at a great company, right?  Yet, sometimes God does the complete opposite.  He does amazing things in unexpected places.


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Expression Live Pics

Here are some pictures from Expression Live. Shout outs to Cassandra Leid for the snaps!

Komplex the poet introduces the next act.

Indelible rocking it out!

Crowd starting to build!

A painting of true life!

Cassandra holding it down.

Me and the wife posing at the info booth.

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Saturday Begins…

Last night, I spoke at New Life International Church.  I was the main speaker for their back to school youth and young adult revival.  I had a great time with those guys.  The youth pastor, Stephen Chandeller, used to be the president of Impact at University of Maryland, College Park.  Expression Live kicks off in a few hours.  I’m pumped and excited to see what God is going to do!

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Avery Smith, one of our Creative Team members and graphic artists, created these images for our God in 3D series. We showed them on Sunday, as we recapped the movies we covered. Of course, all the laughs were on me. Can you guess what movies we did?

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Not Quite Limeade

Our Connection Team hosted an InsideOut outreach event this past Saturday.  Initially, I pitched the idea to them of doing a gas buy down.  They came up with another great idea. “Let’s do a lemonade stand!”  Why didn’t I think of that?  That’s the point.  As the lead pastor, every great idea can’t and shouldn’t originate with you.  Some of the most effective ministries and initiatives I’ve seen in churches didn’t originate with paid staff or pastoral leadership.  It was ordinary congregants that had a passion and vision from God to do something for His glory.  This lemonade stand, my friend, was awesome for several reasons:

1.  It was simple

2.  It made sense on a hot summer day

3.  It was inexpensive

4.  Required little manpower.

5.  You get to see people’s face light up when they say, “Free?”

6.  You get to see people come back for seconds.

7.  If you really hit it off, some people will ask for “the recipe.”

One word of caution, however.  Make sure you are prepared, for they will attack…especially the kids. Shout outs go to Natasha for the wonderful pic.

Me posting the free lemonade signs.

Adria serving with a smile.

Shake a hand, make a friend.

Of course, free lemonade WITH a free invite card 🙂

Latoya holding it down.

Natasha was the leader, not me.  I simply volunteered.  Thanks to Tasha, barista is now officially a spiritual gift.

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Explosive Sunday

This Sunday at The Bridge was amazing!  Our guest artist was reggae singer, Junior Tucker. He came in town for a pastor’s surprise birthday party, which was the reason I didn’t want us to put his name out.  He did an amazing job.  Some of the people already knew him, which was cool.  We closed out our God in 3D series with Dark Knight.  I got great feedback about the message.  I definitely think we’ll do God in 3D again or at least something like it. We had our highest recorded attendance this Sunday! Our attendance has continued to grow during the summer.  Before the summer began, I was ready to accept the fact that our attendance would dip.  Keith Battle, Senior Pastor of Zion Church, challenged me to keep the momentum going during the summer.  He told me we need to make people anxious about coming to church, even though it is summer.  I then said to him, “What about people that are traveling during the summer.”  He then said, “Well, they’ll come back anyway.  Keep the momentum going.”

Tons of people signed up for Life Groups this week.  Those who signed up for Life Groups got a free “Going Green reusable shopping bag.  This Sunday kicked off the Green Line’s “Go Green” campaign.  We are encouraging people to “go green” by joining a small group.  At The Bridge, the Green Line consists of environments where individuals grow.  These include Life Groups (our main small groups), Starting Point (a conversational group about things of the Christian Faith courtesy of North Point), and Fuel (which will be bible study sessions that will meet Life Groups aren’t in session).   We also gave away tons of H20 water.  There’s also an excitement in the air about Expression Live, our outreach event this Saturday.  Please remember us in your prayers!

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This is a pretty exciting and eventful time for us at The Bridge. Our next series is going to be called H20. We are going to look at several passages in Scripture where God used water to communicate significant truths. If all goes well, we’ll have our very first baptism to close things out. This Sunday, we’ll have several of these bottles of water for our folks to give out to their friends as invites to the series. What a way to close out the summer!

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