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Please Forgive Me

Long day.  This Sunday I’m speaking on “The Art of Forgiveness.”  I’ll be coming from Matthew 18. I can’t wait to share it.  There are some great stuff in the passage.

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I got a chance to hear Tim Keller speak at Georgetown University last night.  Tim Keller is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, NY.  The lecture was based on his new (and first) book Reasons for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism.  The book and lecture targets those who don’t believe in God.  Here are some take aways from the talk:1.  The only way to claim that no one can know all truth is to claim that you yourself know all truth.2.  For you to say, “You shouldn’t go around trying to convert people” is really you trying to convert me and stating that your view is superior to mine.  Your really imposing your view and evangelizing me!3.  If God is Creator, what makes us think that He is part of creation and therefore needs to be proven?  When an author writes a story, does he have to prove himself as the author in the story to prove that he is actually the author of the story?4.  If I can’t prove that there is a God, that doesn’t mean that I’m no longer accountable to Him.5.  No one can prove that God doesn’t exist.6.  Existence of God based on the things that are created allows you to make more sense out of life than saying that He does not exist, despite of created things.7.  It doesn’t make sense to say that Jesus’ resurrection was a made up story.  a) The Jews didn’t believe in an individual resurrection.  For a Jew to embrace the resurrection of Christ required an overnight change of worldview. b) The Greeks believed that the soul was good, but the body was bad.  To embrace resurrection as a Greek would actually be going backwards.  c) Hundreds of people saw Jesus over a period of 40 days after His resurrection.  d) Women were the first to witness Jesus’ resurrection.  During the days of Jesus, women were seen as second class citizens to say the least.  If you were making up a story about resurrection, you won’t want to say that women were the first witnesses.  You would be laughed to scorn.  The fact that women were the first witnesses goes against the grain of the day and gives the testimony much more validity.8.  Whenever you invite a great speaker on a college campus, serve cookies at the post-reception. 🙂  

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I got a chance to hang out with Mark Batterson for a bit yesterday.  Mark is such a great guy and leader.  I decided to hang out at Ebenezers Coffeehouse and do some work there.  To my surprise, I happened to look out the window and saw one of my friends Nicole Yancey.  She manages Ndelible, the band that will be performing at the next Expression. I got a chance to catch one of their lives performances.  I can’t wait to see them again.  I know they are going to rock the house on March 28th!!

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tough-love-web.jpgThe Art of Acceptance message has been posted.  Looks like John, the guy who has been doing our web updates, discovered a way to make sure all the messages from the series are visible on the page.  This is what happens when you allow people that are better than you to do what they are great at doing. 🙂

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tough-love-web.jpgWe had another awesome day yesterday.

1) Our attendance jumped back to over 100. Why? Have no clue. Still learning the patterns of our community.

2) We finished up Part 3 of our Tough Love series, The Art of Confrontation.  When a person sins or commits a trespass we ignore it to avoid causing any “friction” or keep it bottled in for so long that we end up approach the person the wrong way.  It also easy to talk about the situation and person to others than to actually go to the person.  The Art of Confrontation is when we lovingly approach someone who has sinned for the purpose of restoring them.  It’s not to get our feelings off our chest.  It’s not to give them a piece of our minds.  It’s to help them see the error of their ways and reconnect with God.  I gave three stages for confrontation based on Matthew 18.  The podcast message should be available by Wednesday.
2) I followed a “hunch” that I had on Saturday evening and decided to do a First Time Guest Connection Meeting. I’m so glad we did. We had about ten people that came to hear a five minute presentation about The Bridge and how they can get connected. I saw light bulbs turning on above some of their heads.  Good stuff.

3) Our staff was on point. Greeting and seating were awesome. Transitions were smooth. Alex, the worship team, and band were smoking. Glad to see that our systems were flowing smoothly on such a big day.

4) Our Creative Team met yesterday. Jackson is doing a great job leading that team. We did some more brainstorming for our next series called iPower. It will begin on Easter.

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livingwater2.jpgToday, I had the weirdest dream.  I’m warning you.  It was really weird.  My wife and I was standing in line at a school in our community.  Steven Furtick just happened to be standing behind us.  We started engaging in a conversation.  He informed us that Elevation Church had now launched six campuses across the nation.  One of those campuses was in our metropolitan area.  I said, “Wow.”  I then began to inject my normal off-the-wall humor into the conversation.  I said, “There are many campus pastors that are utilizing a new technology.  Instead transporting sermons in digital form, they are now processing them in powder form.  Once the the campus pastor receives the sermon powder, all he has to do is add water.”  Steven said, “Oh really?”  I couldn’t believe that he believed me.  I then said, “I’m just kidding, bro.”  As soon as he started laughing, I woke up.  I told you it was a wierd dream!  I said to myself, “Hmmm….just add water.  That would be a great title for a message series.”  I then remembered when Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well.  Jesus told her, “Just add water.”  You will not find true life in way that your living.  I will place within you rivers of living water springing up to eternal life.

A great idea or just a weird dream?  We’ll see.

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