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Open Season

open-house-image.jpegThus far, 15 people have signed up for The Open House.  We still have two more weeks to shoot for our goal of 20 people.  I wish we could pack it out, but people in DC are a bit more hesitant about jumping into things, especially church.

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Five Minutes

It’s now 11:55am.  Ben Arment’s Whiteboard Sessions website launches in five minutes!

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tough-love-web.jpgOur Tough Love promo cards came in this Friday.  We handed them out to our attenders this Sunday.  The two major catalysts for our growth thus far has been personal invitations and promo cards/flyers.  Yesterday, I asked, “How many people started attending The Bridge because someone invited you, raise your hands.” More than half of the room raised theirs hands.  When I attended Drive Conference at North Point Church in 2006, Andy Stanley challenged us to rethink our systems.  As a result, we’ve actually created an invite system.  This way, we aren’t just hoping our attenders will invite others, but helping them to do so.  Our invite system is not ground breaking, but it help us to be intentional. Here it is for what it’s worth:

1) Promo Cards:  We do one for each series and have a general invitation card about The Bridge.  The general invitation card is for people to have at any time.  The series promo cards is to create a sense of urgency that doesn’t come from the general card.  The general card says, “Hey, if you ever want to check us out, here is our information.”  The series card says, “Hey, if you don’t come at this particular time, you will miss something.”  They aren’t cheap, but you can’t let them leave empty handed.  Don’t start a new series without putting something in their hands.  Keep your eyes out for those who walk away with stacks of promo cards.  Those are your sneezers, according to Seth Godin.  See Purple Cow for more details. 🙂

2) E-vite:  We have an e-vite function on our website that enables our attenders to send information directly to their friends e-mail inbox.

3) Culture:  We are making it part of our church culture.  We talk about it.  We encourage it.  We tell our people to invest in relationships and invite them to our Sunday morning gatherings.  It’s engrained in our core value, “Relevance to culture is essential.”  Thus far, I’ve done two messages encouraging our people to invest and invite.

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n599351899_917314_2070.jpgYesterday evening, I decided to drop by Mosaic Church DC and surprise my buddy Darren. “D” gave a great message on The Connecting Church.  He did an awesome job.  They are definitely growing in diversity!  Apart from those who were serving, I was the only black guy there!  I snagged this picture off of his Facebook page.  (Don’t sue me, bro.) It’s me and his mom.

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Today was a great day at The Bridge. I left today feeling pumped:

1. We had a great turn out and a record setting offering! Praise God for being our Provider. I thank those of you that have prayed for us in those regards.

2. We are continuing to attract new people and first time guests.

3. I got a lot of great responses from today’s message on Luke 5. The take home point was change when it’s time for a change.

4. More people signed up for Life Groups, The Open House, and Volunteer Staff opportunities. One of our wins on Sunday is when a person takes a next step in experiencing true life in Christ. That can be anything from giving their life to Christ to joining a small group to serving on one of our teams.

5. People are taking the initiative to hang out on Sundays after our gathering. This shows that connecting is becoming part of our culture. You know something becomes part of the culture when it happens naturally. This is starting to become known as, “The After Party.”

6. I’m on my way to pay someone a surprise visit. I’ll tell you about it later.

7. I met with our Creative Team on Saturday. We planned out all of our series between now and the summer. Thanks, Tadd! You really challenged us to step up our game. I am so pumped!

8. We began promoting our new series, Tough Love. It’s going to focus on showing love to others when it’s difficult. Here’s an edited version of the commercial that we showed this Sunday. The version we showed on Sunday had footage of various people. This one only shows the typing of the e-mail message. Enjoy!

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cloverfield-poster-thumb.jpgMy wife and I saw Cloverfield on Monday.  What can I say.  I loved the movie.  It was action packed and kept you on your toes.  It wasn’t as predictable as I thought it would have been.  Fortunately, the movie met its  25 million dollar production budget as it pulled in over 4o mill during it’s opening weekend.  I’m keeping my eyes out for possible movies that I can cover during a summer message series.  This may be one of them.  There’s a scene in which one of the characters cries out to God in the midst of danger.  If it was a genuine cry, he may have had a “thief on the cross” experience.  Are there any movies you guys are contemplating using for any of your gatherings or experiences?  I would love to get some feedback.

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Just got word that Mark Batterson will be hosting a gathering for lead pastors and senior leaders on February 1, 2008 at 1:00 pm.  The event will be held at Ebenezers Coffeehouse.  For more info, check out his blog.

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