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It’s a Wrap

shepherd-1.jpgWe ended 2007 with a bang at The Bridge. A lot of new things occurred this past Sunday:

1. Daryl did a great job with the welcome. It was his first time doing it. He is one of the most faithful and committed persons I know. He came that morning with the welcomed written up and rehearsed!

2. Jackson stepped in and did announcements. Thanks for holding down the fort, bro! This was his first time doing the announcements, as well.

3. Alex, our worship director, was sick last week and lost his voice in the process. Tre, one of the members of the praise team, stepped in and led worship. He handled it like a pro. God used him in a great way.

3. I did The King That Tried to Steal Christmas message in a home made shepherd costume. (Walking stick courtesy of the outdoors.) Yep! The old bearded dude in the picture is me! Some people didn’t even recognize me. People were saying, “Who’s that guy on stage?” Then they realized it was me! This was the first time I did anything like it at The Bridge. I was nervous to be honest, but God came through. You should have seen the looks on the face of movie goers as I stood in the hallway dressed like Moses! Trust me. I’m already dreaming of what next Christmas is going to look like next year. I’m pumped.

4. My sister did a dance to Come Oh Redeemer Come by Fernando Ortega. This was her first time doing a dance solo at The Bridge. She tore it up, as usual. She too was dressed like an ancient Israelite.

Well, I’m off to celebrate the New Year. See you next next year!

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Sneek Peek

I’m excited about our Holiday presentation this Sunday at The Bridge called, The King That Tried to Steal Christmas. I’m also a bit nervous as well. Last night, Patrice, our Connection Team leader, tried to get a sneak preview out of me. I stood my ground. She’s not the only one that has tried. I almost sympathized with her, seeing that she’ll be away this Sunday.

I decided to take a “less for more” approach on our Sunday morning promos. Here is one of them.

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On The Go

Preparation prevents us from being caught off guard.  However, there are some things that you can’t always prepare for.  You have to learn as you go.  Too often we fail to admit that life is filled with mysteries.  God called Moses to free the Israelites.  Confrontations with kings, performing miracles,  dealing with complaining people, and proclaiming God’s words were all things he learned on the go.  Most of your life’s training will be on the job.

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90_03_36-christmas-decorations_web.jpgHere are a few things to remember this Holiday season.

1. It is better to give than to receive. Giving and exchanging are two different things.

2. The first six letters of Christmas spells Christ, not department store.

3. Giving gifts should be out of love, not to impress others.

4. Don’t feel pressured to spend what you don’t have. For those who want more, Satan Claus is always an option. Unfortunately, he doesn’t exist.

4. Think long-term. The fifty pounds you gain from a few hours of eating, can take years to get rid of. Trust me. One plate is enough.

5. Get some rest and have some fun.

6. Spend some time in God’s presence. Allow Him to refresh your soul. Plus, your friend who always spends time with God says He’s been asking about you (just kidding).

7. Don’t play this rendition of “O Holy Night“…at least not in public.

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There’s a homeless lady that has been attending The Bridge on a regular basis.  Our leadership team decided to purchase some items for her this Christmas.  I was amazed and touched by how they stepped up to the plate in showing kindness to her.  They got her clothes, gift cards, a bible, and other items.  I truly appreciated my Mom for helping to bring it all together.

People have started bringing their clothing donations for The BIG Giveaway.  My motto this season is a small donation for us can be a huge gift for someone else. 

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Want to know how things were at The Bridge this morning? Read Mark Batterson’s blog entry, Ghost Town. It’s almost as if he took the words right out of my mouth!  His entry was very affirming and encouraging as to where we are right now.

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Well, not really. Just discovered via Cold Leftovers that their are two Hobbit films in the works: The Hobbit and a sequel.

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