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1780281337_721bfd00cc.jpgI walked into an Apple store and couldn’t resist the giant popcorn kernals in the windows display.  Forget the iPods, looking at that popcorn! The kernals have now been replaced with giant snow balls.  Still pondering on how to use them at The Bridge.

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pank_uprising_02_nkg.jpgJust finished reading about 75% of Uprising by Erwin McManus.  The book deals with how our pride hinders us from operating out of a place of faith, hope, and love.  We often seek to discover God’s purpose for our lives.  Unfortunately, we do it from a self-centered perspective.  We want to know what’s in it for us.  To be honest, we expect it to be all about us.  We often hit a crossroad as God starts to wean us off of ourselves.  Once we begin to discover that His purpose is for the building up of others and not ourselves, it throws us into a state of confusion.  Instead of accepting that His will is not ours, we continue to ask the question “What is God’s will for my life?”  We accuse God of not speaking to us when He probably already has.  God desires for us is to advance His kingdom and contribute to humanity.  Whenever we trade in our greed for generosity, we are really ready to do get down to kingdom business.

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It’s amazing how time changes.  Thus far, we have only had one person at The Bridge who has inquired about messages on CD.  Most people now ask, “When will we/you guys start putting messages on the internet?” Messages on-line are sort of an expectation now.  Well, I’m happy to say that we are now keeping up with the times 🙂

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We had another great time at The Bridge this Sunday.  As the clock hit 10:00am, there were about three people in the theater.  I said to myself, “Well, I guess it’s all about the turkey this weekend.”  As soon as praise and worship started, people started coming in from the wood works.  It was as if the music drew people in!   We found out later that one of our greeters  forgot to open the door.  It worked out because our connection team has created a cool lounge environment in the lobby.  You’ve got to see it sometime.  I was surprised to see that we grew in attendance again this week!  More grown ups and more kids.  Here are a few pics that are floating around our Facebook page.







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Black Friday

Today has been quite quiet.  I stepped out this morning to run a few errands, only to be sucked into the chaos of Black Friday.  There were tons of people roaming around this morning.  My mind is already brewing on possible outreaches for next year.  We’ll see what happens.

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Merry Turkey

turkey-dinner.jpgThanksgiving Day is a great opportunity to give God thanks for all He’s done for us.  I’ve always been part of a church that has had a Thanksgiving Day service.  As much as I’ve enjoyed Thanksgiving services, I would prefer to spend the entire day with family and catching up on some rest.  I really champion North Point Community Church for having no services on Christmas Sunday.  That’s huge.

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luxury-rain-shower_12.jpgI’m in the middle of preparing for Sunday’s message. We will be looking at Ephesians 5:21-33. I was truly awestruck as I read of how Christ sanctifies and cleanses her bride by the Word. As husbands, we owe it to our wives to wash them with God’s Word. We can’t prepare a great meal on Sundays, and leave our homes famished. As the head, the husband establishes the spiritual temperature in the home. Where lives are hurt, the water is too hot.  Where there’s distance and lack of intiamcy, the water is too cold.  Where there’s unconditional love and true devotion, the water is warm.   There’s nothing like having a warm, loving atmosphere!

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