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Last night was Expression.  Today, we are embarking on an impromptu outreach to over 10,000 people in downtown Silver Spring.  We begin hosting our services at The Majestic Theater tomorrow.  The amazing thing is there’s a major festival happening right in front of the theater today!  Sounds like a great outreach opportunity to me.  I wish we had time to do something a bit more creative or engaging.  Oh well.  We’ll just bombard the area with thousands of promo cards.  Sounds good to me.

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I’ve been on this vintage tip lately. These stages usually end up morphing into a sermon series of sort. A few days, I felt an urge to hear this song:

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If you are around my age, you probably remember the early days of Nickelodeon.  Before there was Nick at Night and Sponge Bob, there was You Can’t Do That On Television.  It originated in Canada and was pretty awesome for it’s time.  It was one of my favorite TV shows for a few years (the best kids show in my opinion)…until I grew out of it, of course.  The best part: Everytime members of the cast said, “I don’t know,” green slime came pouring down from them.”

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1. Live what you teach.

2. Be flexible…even when others want you to be rigid.

3. Keep oiling your creative engine. It’s easy to get rusty.

4. Protect your personal time with God.

5. Don’t give in too soon.

6. When your vision is birthed, it’s not conceived as a grown adult. It comes out as a baby. Don’t get discouraged if you have to start out small. If you nurture and feed it, it will eventually grow eventually if it’s God’s will.

7. Be optimistic. It’s contagious.

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Check out this blog entry about innovation in the church by Ben Arment.  Great stuff.

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Here are some pictures from our gathering this morning at The Bridge. Today was Part 2 of our LifeSpa series. I’m starting to feel more comfortable speaking. It felt a little awkward at first: new audience, new church, movie theater setting, yada, yada, yada.  The team was rolling today.  When I got to the theater, they were already setting up.  I said, “Wow.”  I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  We started on time, ended on time, and was out of the theater on time. Now it’s on to Silver Spring!

LifeSpa in the lobby! Great job modeling, Mom!

Praise Team during their mic check.  They were smoking today!

Our team is super commited.  My friend, Chris, rode his bike for one hour in order to get to the theater last week in order to pick up equipment out of storage at 6:30am.  I am blown away by the sacrifices these guys are making for God’s kingdom.

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I’m getting ready to head into our creative team meeting. We are trying to get a head start on our next series beginning in October. The working title for the series is “The Fear That Haunts Me.” I figured since October is Halloween, it would be a good idea to play on it. I came up with an idea for a trailer. I love doing graphics and video stuff. It’s like a hobby to me. I definitely want to give ministry away. However, a good pastor friend of mine Shawn McBride said to me, “Every pastor needs a hobby.” He’s right. It’s great to be able to dive into something you love doing that isn’t connected to your ministry responsibility. For me, that’s messing around with anything that allows me to be creative.

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