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Seriously Speaking


1) Take your work seriously, but never take yourself too seriously.

2) Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

3) He who doesn’t hear will eventually feel.

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My time at the park was pretty interesting. As soon as I arrived, it began to rain. Dark clouds invaded the sky, raindrops filled the air, and the temperature dropped immensely. I was still determined to engage technology and nature, so I hung around for awhile. I ended up driving back home in disappointment. As soon as I got home, the temperature rose and the sun began to break through the clouds. I thought to myself, “Should I stay or should I go?” I decided to go back to the park. Boy! Am I glad I did! I had a great time praying, praising, and meditating on scripture. I also worked on my messages for Bridge 1:12 and the CPN meeting. God did amazing things at both events. I also captured a some video footage while I was there, so stay tuned! Until then, here are a few snap shots.










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I am about to do something that I’ve never done before. Today, I will seek to engage nature and technology at the same time. Very often, we see both entities as unmixable; sort of like oil and water. Tommorrow will be a pretty hectic day for me. I am scheduled to speak at the Southern Baptist Coonservatives of Virginia’s national church planters network meeting and then at our pre-launch gathering, Bridge 1:12, in the evening. As usual, I was planning to continue my preparation for both events at my desk. However, I’ve decided to take my laptop to a nearby park and work on my messages by the lake! I love basking in nature (see my blog entry “Taking Time to Rest.”) I enjoy spending and connecting with God in outdoor environments. I will let you know how it goes. Stay tuned…

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I believe that God is calling the church to be “outsider-focused.” It’s so easy for us to become consumed with our own needs and miss out on opportunities to impact the world for Christ. Looking at this video challenged my own priorities and values. Click here to take a look.

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water-pour.jpgGod wants us to have an undying love for Him. In Revelations 3:14-22, Christ rebuked the Church of Ladociea for their spiritual apathy. He said to them, “You are lukewarm – neither cold or hot-I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Ladociea had a pipe system that extended to the nearby city of Hierapolis. Heirapolis possessed hot, spring water that had medicinal value. This water would travel to Ladociea via the pipeline. By the time the water arrived to Ladociea, however, it was lukewarm and lost its medical value. Bevarages were usually drank hot or cold, but never lukewarm. Imagine going to your favorite restaurant and hearing your waiter say to you, “I’m sorry, but we are out of hot and cold drinks today. However, we have a wide selection of brand new premium lukewarm beverages.” You are probably saying to yourself, “Nope! Not interested!” When become lukewarm when we loose our spiritual fervor. We simply exist. Because of our lack of passion for God we become useless for God’s kingdom. Yet, the God who sits high above the heavens desires to be close to us here on earth. Jesus asked the church of Ladociea to open the door of their hearts, so that He can come in and dine with them. God wants us to invite Him into the secret places of our lives and connect with Him on a deeper level. God wants to be close with you. He’s knocking on your door. Will you ignore Him or let Him in?

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Today, Dafnette and I attended Trinity Temple of Prayer where my father-in-law is the pastor. The church held a birthday celebration for him. It was a blessing to be there in celebration with him. Before we going there, we attended Zion Church’s 8:30 a.m. service. We wanted to support Jeff Simmons, the assistant pastor, since he was speaking today. He gave a great message on the topic of love called, “Show Your Love.” Yesterday, Dafnette and I received several text messages informing us that Kenny Lattimore was singing at all four services! Some of you may remember Kenny from his Top Ten R&B hit, “For You.” I am so delighted to see the great things that God is doing at Zion. Kenny Lattimore did a great job. He can definitely sing! I was pleasantly surprise to find discover that he has a genuine passion to serve God. It’s always a blessing to see individuals who allow God to use them in secular arenas to be salt and light. He and his wife, Chante Moore, released a double album of gospel and love songs last year entitled “Uncovered/Covered.” He realizes that many people may not be able to appreciate the fact that they sing love songs. Yet, their desire to set a standard for that genre. Here is something that I’ve always said to myself. If God is love and Christians have a relationship with God, then shouldn’t we be the ones to sing love songs from His perspective? Before I started living for Christ, I wrote “love songs.” Unfortunately, they were marred with the depravity that marked my life and character. After I began living for Jesus Christ, not only did I write song of worship, but love songs that reflected the heart and passion of Christ.

Check out Kenny Lattimore in action. I was going to post a TBN gospel clip with his wife Chante Moore. I decided to just go ahead and post one of his songs that I liked back in 1996. Now that I’m married, I can appreciate this song from a different perspective.

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180-8071.jpgMomentum can be tough to build, but it’s exciting once it kicks into action. One of the things that we are trying to do early in our church plant is to build momentum. The little things may seem insignificant when you look at them in isolation. Yet, when they are done consistently, they help build a sense of energy and excitement. Building momentum is like rolling a ball down the hill. It may start off slow, but picks up speed as it progresses. What are you doing to help build momentum in your ministry, organization, or personal life? Here are two great resources on the area of momentum: Nelson Searcy’s podcast title “Momentum and Church Growth.” Nelson searcy has a great podcast on . Also check out this article by Scott Whitaker called, Momentum: How Does it Happen?

Momentum Quote of the Day: “Watch out folks, coming through! I’m rolling home! You heard me, get outta the way! Big roll gaining steam, step aside!” – A guy named Andy.

Speaking of rolling a ball down a hill, these guys seem to know what it means to “experience momentum!”

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